Monday, February 26, 2007

Leaving Astana, Take 1

Well the snow keeps blowing here in Astana. It’s been blowing blizzardly all day and now all night. I don’t think I will ever be leaving. It’s like “Brigadoon” or better yet, “Groundhog Day”. Maybe tomorrow I’ll just repeat what I did today and everyday for the rest of my life will be the same. I get up at 6:30, Gena Goose takes me to the airport, the flight is delayed for hours, the wind and snow erase all objects from view, I go home to my little apartment and wait. I have a feeling right now that tomorrow will be the same. If Sunday is the same then I’m really letting the wild animal out of the cage.
Spent all evening talking with Andrei, a handsome young man who happened into my office a few weeks ago to talk. I felt a homo vibe when he first came to our office, so I accepted his invitation to the local aquarium one Sunday afternoon. We never got to the aquarium (they double the price for foreigners so I wouldn’t have gone anyway—who wants to look at fish for twice the price?) but he came in last Monday and we wound up having lunch together. So here it is a blizzard, I get stuck here for one more day and spend the evening at the bowling alley with this nice young guy. It must be fate. Do you think anything happened? NO! Another one of those “I don’t want to sleep with you I just want to practice my English” dates. Ah men, it’s always something. What does it take to get a shag in this town I ask you??? After all the tea drinking, chocolate eating and yakking all I got out of it was a caffeine and sugar high. Actually I think he was a Christian boy because every time we would say goodbye, he’d say “God Bless You”. Oh just get me back to a normal homo world ASAP.
Tomorrow, so far, all flights are flying but not one has been able to land from Almaty ergo no plane to fly to Almaty in. I’ll have to call in the morning but already it seems that I won’t be going anywhere outside of Astana in the next few days. When I said goodbye to Irina, she said “See you Monday” to which I replied “I hope not”. She better not be right. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. If you read in the papers about an American that has gone crazy in Kazakhstan, it’s just little old me. Til tomorrow dear readers.

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