Friday, June 08, 2007

My Charlevoix Moment

The other day I was accused of having a vagina. I can’t say how I would usually react to such a statement but since it came from a 4 yr old, I answered with giggled surprise. My little charges of the evening, the lesbians’ boys, now know what their penis is and apparently have heard of a vagina too from their moms. We were coloring and yes, the crayons looked like penises (well they do), they know they have one but some how they don’t think I have one. Well, I wasn’t about to go into with them.
Now I’m with the lesbians and their boys at their weekend home in the Hamptons. So nice and quiet out here, well quiet aside from the bratty outbursts now and then but those aren’t that often and sort of roll of my back. I love “summering”—renting a house in a summer town where there’s little to do beside go to the beach, stroll into town, make delicious meals, do lots of reading and just relax. I spent my childhood doing that with my extended family in Charlevoix, MI. About 20+ people, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma all in one big house for about a month of fun and relaxation. Charlevoix is still a magnet for us and now the next generation is taking their children up there in the summers. I unfortunately am not part of the summer throng to my childhood mecca because I choose to spend my summer in Kyrgyzstan and other exotic places to the east. One of these days I’ll toss off summers in the east and make an appearance in the northern MI. For this weekend, I’m happy to be having a mini Charlevoix experience in the Hamptons.

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