Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ho Ho Ho from Columbus Circle

Coming to you live from the Columbus Circle Holiday Market!! We’re already at the end of our second week at this three week market and things are going well. Not only are sales good but we’re making friends left and right in our little corner of the market. Right now Oktay, my Turkish neighbor who sells glass ware, is chilling in my booth while his sister Ozlum argues with him from outside. It’s a slow Tuesday but a fine snow is coming down which is bringing the people out (and hopefully putting them in a shopping mood). Marushka took the day off to rid herself of a cold. I am left alone to man the booth for the day. No big deal there’enough activity here to keep me occupied.
Despite a lousy world economy, people are still shopping for the holidays. Lots of people from all over the world stop in to buy t-shirts and pj’s for their kids. Bad
economy or not, children always need clothing. Texas, England, Mississippi, Ireland to name a few. One of the things Maruska and I do to entertain ourselves is to keep a tally of all the different places people visit from. Another thing is to photograph all our friends who come by to visit us on a daily basis. So far we have had many friends pose in our booth. Marshall started the tradition and other friends (both mine and Marushka’s) have been immortalized in celluloid in our booth. We have to keep things exciting and fresh at the market.
As Christmas gets nearer, we sell more and more. I have a few things already sold out. My Lion shirts have been a huge success and I’m already done with them. I’ve started a new line of pillows and plush cats and owls which have been going like hotcakes too. I’m sure the closer we get to the big day, the crazier people will get and they’ll just throw money at us. Well that’s what the guys who run the market say. I’ll let you know how it all ends up.

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