Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008--Day 1

Woke up this morning to a sunny first day of a new year. A bit woozy in the head from all the revelry of the last night of the old year but nothing a quick jump in an ice cold pool won’t help. And a little coffee con leche and a ham and cheese croissant from the supermarket cafĂ©—we are ready for 2008! New year, new ideas, new schemes and plans which will unfold as the months pass. Innovative ideas for my business and finding a boyfriend are the top two things on my list. Now that I’ve done a full year of my biz, it’s time to reflect and figure out where to go next with my blossoming t-shirt/design business. As for the boyfriend front, enough of the boring coffee dates or just sex rendezvous, I’m looking for someone who’s in for the long haul. So we’ll see how things come about this year.
Oh I forgot to tell you: Good Morning from Miami!! Postponed my Christmas trip to Florida until New Years and flew down yesterday morning to meet my friends Rick and Jon (from the Russia days) for a few days of fun in the sun. We are joined by Stefano, an Italian friend of Rick’s from Turkey and Doug and Thai, Jon’s friends from Vancouver. Quite an international mix here: two Brits, a Scot, a Phillipino, Italian and I the lone American. Spent all day on the beach sunning and swimming with all the non-Americans taking advantage of the weak dollar. Yes our dollar is so weak, even the Canadians are here! Got all gussied up for a New Years night on the town which began with a lovely Italian dinner at Cantina 27 followed by a walk down the boardwalk to Ocean Drive to watch the fireworks. We paused along the way to burn the envelope of things to leave behind in 2007. An old tradition I love to do. Everyone writes down what they want to leave behind in the old year, we stuff it in an envelope and burn it before midnight. Very cleansing experience and a great way to start off the new year. These European friends of mine had a lot to leave behind and we had quite a bonfire on the beach I must say. A fabulous fireworks display on the beach at midnight as we watched from the front of some gay bar on Ocean Drive with G&Ts in hand, a festive, mellow way to start 2008. The nice thing about the evening is that none of had that usual hysteria of being somewhere perfect at midnight, nothing was planned, not even the restaurant. The evening just unfolded. We wound up at Twist a big bar/disco where we pushed and shoved our way on and off the dance floors along with the other hundreds of gay guys and a smattering of drag queens. Good times had by all. I’m not usually into the bar scene much these days but it was fun to be hanging out at Twist with old friends.
Now Jon and I have planted ourselves by the pool, waiting to see when the rest of our crowd will drag themselves from their rooms. We all got in rather late so we don’t expect them very soon. Wouldn’t mind a big greasy lunch and them a swim in the ocean. For now though, blogging by the pool at the Art Deco Indian Creek Hotel is fine by me. A few days in paradise, then back to the cold, gray north to begin 2008. Happy New Year everyone!

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