Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christopher Vattuone 10 August 1966- 30 January, 2008

I loved my friend.
He went away from me.
There's nothing more to say.
The poem ends,
Soft as it began--
I loved my friend
Langston Hughes


Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,

This morning my mother called me and said, "Did you know Chris Vattuone?" What is it with mother's being the bearers of bad news?! She said she recognized his name. When I told her who he was she remembered instantly.

His loss is heartbreaking on so many levels. I had received an e-mail from someone a week and a half ago or so saying he was details. I am sorry I didn't look into it myself and reach out to him.

Thank you for posting those pictures and your thoughts. He had the most beautiful eyes!!!

I am sorry for your loss too...of your good friend! We can make friends in life but there is something about the friends who "know" us...who have history...those are the friends that hold a special sacred place.

Sending you love!

Anonymous said...

Lisa = Lisa Brounstein.

Joyce said...
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Joyce said...

I will miss Chris' friendship, voice, smile, and his, "joy of life."
Even though I didn't see him that much after high school, he will always be a true friend of mine.
My prayers go to his family and many friends.
Joyce Scatolini Madrid
Point Loma Class of 1983

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, This is Lisa from Italy.
I feel so sad about Chris. I have dreams about him and I walking through Old Town holding hands and laughing.. He was my best friend, my only true friend. It's CRAZY,but a while ago I was actually thinking about moving back to San Diego to be closer to him and live up our wonderful friendship all over again! When we were teens we sorta fell in love with eachother,strange as it may sound, we were always together,dressing up, joking around,listening to our favorite songs, getting into trouble! He was my prince.I loved him so much and now when I think about coming back it just leaves an empty spot in my heart,there's no going back to him now, because no more will I be able to embrace him and be goofy together.. I feel like certainly a part of me has gone with him.. Lisa

Joyce said...

Dear Lisa from Italy,
This is Joyce Scatolini. Did you go to Point Loma High?
I am meeting with some of my former classmates from class of 1983, and 1984, etc..
Chris is in our hearts, always and 4ever.

Joyce said...

What ever happened to Frankie Rolon. AKA Frank.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, I didn't go to point Loma, but northpark high.. I miss Chris so much. I guess that's what's on my mind now, hugs Lisa

Anthony said...

I love this site. Your postings really capture how I've been feeling about Christopher, although I would never have been able to put it in words. The pictures are great. I'll be waiting for a new post.
Florida Tony

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tom, for the nice posting about my brother. You helped make his memorial service very special.

Like my parents, it is difficult for me to look at his photo.

I saw a bizarre 1960s "film-noir" on television the other night, "Naked Kiss." For a brief moment, I had the urge to call my brother in the middle of the night to alert him to the movie, but I caught myself.


Anonymous said...

My dear friend its David Covert We said goodbye 4 years ago. you didnt want my help i tried so hard. And now today I find out where you are. I can only hope that you look down and see me looking up. this is a very sad day for me .

Chad White said...

This is a terribly sad day for me. I'm devastated and heartbroken. Only yesterday did I finally find out what happened. Strange that it should be on the eve of his passing. Christopher I'm sorry I disappeared for so long. I guess I can only say that in order to move forward 6 or 7 years ago I had to not look back. Now that I've aged and recently moved back to San Diego I've been looking for you and to no avail could not find you. Yesterday morning I awoke to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' in my head and I had a Olivia Newton John story that I really wanted to share with you. But you had moved, your number was no longer in service and you were not listed. So for some reason I thought I would look in the Tribunes obit section and google your name. Not sure why. Then to my shock there you were. I burst into tears just as I am as I write this now. I'm not sure how to feel knowing I will never hear your laughter again. You were one of the few people that I ever felt completely comfortable with and allowed my true self to really come out. You meant so much to me. The anecdotes just keep flooding my memory. Like stopping my Jeep in the middle of an intersection in Venice Beach to jump out and dance like fools to a Prince song on the radio with a bum passing by. Then once the song had ended getting back in and dashing off to the next stop. Your kindness and gentleness always will always have a place in my heart. Please forgive me for taking so long to catch-up. But always and forever you will be in my heart and you will NEVER be and have never been forgotten. I only hope that when my time comes your there to greet me whilst the gates of heaven are blasting......yes 'Dancing Queen'. Because I wanna shake and shimmy with you into the entrance. That way I know everything will be okay. Love always. Chad Spencer White.

Chad White said...

Tom please contact me 424.288.9931 Chad